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Ada Cougars Overcome Loss of Teammate

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ADA, OK --- The Ada community lost one of their own last week. Senior lineman Cody Johnson passed away in a motorcycle accident.

"There will always be an empty place in my heart for Cody. And he'll always be in our hearts. We'll never forget him," Senior wide receiver/defensive back, Dakota Blackwell said.

When the Cougars went to practice the day after the accident , they realized that things were never going to be the same.

"It was tough to go down to the indoor and go through our Thursday practice. It was a lot different and it was tough," Senior quarterback Wyatt Robson said.

"Our kids wanted to practice, which put us in a good place. And then after that practice we had pizza together. And our kids were back to smiling again, and telling stories and cutting up and I think it really got us back into a good place," Ada head coach Matt Weber said.

The Cougars know that the playoffs wait for no one....with their second round game quickly approaching, they knew what they needed to do.

"There was no doubt we were gonna play hard. We've played hard all season. And I knew we were going to play extremely hard because of the circumstances," Coach Weber said.

"We knew it was the biggest game of our lives. It was my first game playing without Cody. And we've always had team chemistry, were like brothers. It was really weird, going out there, playing without him. But we knew we had to get it for him. Its what he wanted. So we went out there and played harder than we ever have before," Blackwell said.

The Ada Cougars gathered at midfield after their victory over Cleveland. Where they realized that their goal for the season hadn't changed, its just taken on an even bigger meaning. Win 20 for 56.

"His step dad told us that's what he always be a champion. So were doing everything in our ability to go out there and make sure it happens," Blackwell said.

"It would mean a lot because we know that's what he always wanted. He always talked about getting that championship ring. And now we got to do it for him," Robson said.

The Cougars take on Clinton, Friday at 7:30.