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Car Seat Confusion - Links To Help Parents


Parents, it's precious cargo -- transporting your kids when you drive around. So, the car seat you put them in is critical. But did you know, one in five parents don't even read the directions, much less have the correct seat for their child. And the government says about 73 percent of parents install them incorrectly.

The good news, recent crash tests by the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety show car seats have reached a milestone. It recently gave top safety ratings to more safety seat models than ever before. Still, the number one cause of fatalities for children between the ages of one and 13 is traffic crashes.

The safest seat for your child depends on the weight and height of a child.

A good tip on getting a seat that fits with your car, is to check with the manufacturer of the car you own, it might suggest a car seat to buy.

To figure out if your child is in the right car seat by visiting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's web site: <url></url>

You can also find more on car seats, boosters and seat belt safety from Safe Kids USA: <url></url>

Get crash test information on car seats from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety: <url></url>

To find the child car seat inspection station nearest you: <url></url>