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States Petition to Secede, Including Texas and Oklahoma


SHERMAN,TX--- Online petitions for several states to withdraw from the United States and create their own government are gaining a lot of attention on the Internet. Both Texas and Oklahoma have listed petitions. So far, more than 84,000 people have signed the Texas petition and that number is going up.

"I mean we've stood alone before and I think Texas has better financial stability then the rest of the country anyways," said David Davis.

"I think it's silly you know. What popped in my head is united we stand, divided we fall," said Sabrina Bryan.

The Texas petition on is asking the Obama administration to "peacefully grant the state of Texas to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own new government". It was created by an Arlington man and has since gained a lot of public attention. Currently, the petition has more than 84,000 signatures. On their website, the White House says an official response will be given to any petition that gets more than 25,000 signatures within 30 days. So far, they have not made a response.

Texas isn't the only state asking to leave the Union. So far, more then 33 states have a similar petition listed.

The Texas petition has created so much hype that Texas Governor Rick Perry's press secretary issued a statement saying that while the governor "shares the frustrations many Americans have with the United States government," he believes "in the greatness of our Union and nothing should be done to change it."

Experts say despite the petitions, it is not possible for the state to leave the Union.

"Texas can not secede from the Union. This has been an issue that has become part of this Texas myth that we have forevermore obtained this right to secede but it is not the case. That was not part of our agreement coming into the Union," Grayson College Government Professor Mary Linder said.

"The concept that we want to secede from the Union, how'd that work out for us in the past? Do they really want to go that route and risk violence and another Civil War?" Grayson College Chair of Social Sciences Chase Machen said.

The Texas petition can be found here. The Oklahoma petition can be found here.