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Fire Damages Sherman Apartment Building


SHERMAN, TX -- Seven residents were burned out of their homes by a fire that may have been caused by a discarded cigarette.

The fire started around 7 p.m. on Saturday evening at the Raintree Apartments on F.M. 1417. Firefighters found the fire burning in between two floors and they believe it started on the balcony.

"We believe the fire was accidental, most likely caused by discarding of smoking material, probably a cigarette that was not extinguished and rolled against the building," says Fire Chief Jeff Jones.

A neighbor says he was watching a movie when the maintenance man banged on his door to alert him to get out of the building. "I was just kind of worried about everything and my wife, but we all got out," says Taylor Rigdon.

Firefighters broke into the roof of the downstairs apartment at Building 12 to locate the source of the smoke. The fire damaged two apartments and caused an estimated $10,000 in damage. No one was hurt.