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Denison Boy Recovering After Pool Accident


DENISON, TX -- A family is closely watching over a severely injured boy who nearly drowned into a backyard pool this summer.

Everything changed for the family, the day that Landon Owen, 3, slipped under the water in June. "We're hoping that with all the treatments, he starts to wake up and do more," says dad Brandon Hannan.

Owen suffered a stroke after nearly drowning in the backyard pool, and requires 24-hour nursing care. "When you talk to him, he'll look at you and I noticed if he doesn't like something he'll roll his eyes in the back of his head, he'll follow you, with his eyes," says Hannan.

"He'll look in the direction of who's talking most of the time and his facial expression if he's upset or if it seems like he's trying to say yes to the questions that you're asking him, he'll kind of have a different expression," says nurse Kristen Buie.

Family members say they were out front getting ready to leave the house in June, when Owen managed to get through the house and go out the back door to the above-ground pool. They believe he was under the water for less than three minutes.

"It's amazing on what they've gone through and how far they've come," says Sherman resident Rebecca Rathfon. Rathfon says she saw a Facebook page about Owen and organized a fundraiser to help, with supporters bringing tables to the Cici's Pizza parking lot on Saturday afternoon.

"They're coping every single day with driving back and forth to Richardson, working, and managing a family of five children," says Rathfon.

In the past month, family members have been taking Owen to sit in a hyperbaric chamber to try to improve his brain function. His mom says she wants to get in as many treatments as possible before the six month anniversary of the accident.

Owen will also take part in a scientific study at UT San Antonio in December. "We want to show everybody how he's improved, how much he's going to improve," says Hannan.