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Early Detection Lowering Breast Cancer Death Rate


DENISON, TX -- The month of October is 31 days designated to spreading the word to women and men about early detection of breast cancer. It's thanks to this awareness that many diagnosed with the disease are now surviving it.

About 1 in 8 U.S. Women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of there lifetime. Gayle Radican is now a part of that statistic.

"I had a breast self exam in the shower and I noticed some type of little tumor. It wasn't real big, but I could feel it," says Radican.

After seeing her doctor and taking the necessary tests, Radican confirmed her worst fear this February.

"You would never dream in a million years that this is occurring," says Radican.

Our bodies are constantly changing and Radican is proof of that.

"Oddly enough my mammogram a year before was perfectly clear, so we caught this in early detection which was a very good thing," says Radican.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Doctor Timothy Parker an OBGYN at TexomaCare is hoping to use this time to educate all women.

"The recommendations are for every women that has started their cycle to check their breasts monthly," says Dr. Parker.

Once you reach 35 years of age, there are other necessities.

"Mammograms are the preferred screening tool, but there are some women that may have very dense breasts or are younger and may benefit from ultra sounds," says Dr. Parker.

As your age goes up, so does the frequency of tests.

"You need to get a baseline for age 35 to 40 and then every two years until 50 and then yearly," says Dr. Parker.

The best prevention is regular self exams, which should be taken before or after your monthly cycle.

"If you feel something really hard, it's probably something to be concerned about," says Dr. Parker.

Radican is a huge advocate for daily self exams because after all, that's what saved her life.

"There's been very glorious moments, there's been very sad moments. I think that comes with everybody's journey, but the most important thing you have to remember, you must be a fighter," says Radican.