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Marshall Co. Residents Attend Meeting On Pointe Vista

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KINGSTON, OK -- Residents turned out to hear the latest on the Pointe Vista development from a state agency that holds the contract for the project.

The head of the Commissioners of the Land Office told them that even Governor Mary Fallin has been asking questions about this project, and giving the developers some hints about possible contacts she has met that they could turn to for financing.

"The next element is that the developer needs to finalize all the financing details, before ground can be broken and they're working on that," says CLO secretary Harry Birdwell.

About 80 people turned out for the meeting at the Kingston multi-purpose building on Thursday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. Birdwell came from Oklahoma City at the request of State Sen. Josh Brecheen (R-Coalgate), and Birdwell says he spoke with developers on Tuesday and that they are doing their best in this economy.

The state decided eight years ago not to fix the lodge, and it was torn down. Recently, some cabins were also demolished, but others remain.

"I think the whole area has seen a big decrease, we miss all the out of state business that the lodge and the state park always drew, so that's lost," says Bar-B-Q Shack owner Donna Bearden.

Bearden says there is a void in the area for families who used to enjoy the state park.

"It was good to hear exactly where they are and exactly what they're expecting and I think that's all we can get at this point," says Ken Long of the Cross Point Church Camp.

The contract with CLO calls for Pointe Vista to have a hotel substantially complete at the site by May of 2014, and if that doesn't happen the matter would wind up in court. The project was also slated to be complete by 2016.

"Once you've spent $40 million, it's my belief that the developers intend to pursue it," Birdwell says.

Developers hoped to start the hotel 18 months ago, but officials say that the economy has made it more difficult to get construction going. The main investors are Mark and Scott Fischer of Oklahoma City, along with power company executive Aubrey McClendon.

"We're looking forward to actually seeing physical progress," says Lake Texoma Association board member Ed Phillips. "We understand about the tearing down of the old lodge and some of the cabins and that type of thing, but the new construction in the area most of the people in the area are really looking forward to."

"We're looking forward to a bright future, we're just in that transition period right now where people are wanting to know what's happening and where will we be," says Brecheen.

Birdwell says developers have made four out of six payments for the 750 acres bought from the CLO and another one is due in January. They have also bought some other land of 1,000 acres west of the site which is set to be used for building homes.