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Lake Texoma boat explosion update


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX - A holiday on Lake Texoma over the weekend took a drastic turn for several boaters when a boat explosion rocked a marina, sending several people to the hospital. Game wardens say it happened shortly after the boaters filled up with gas.

We talked with witnesses who were close enough to feel the blast and helped pull some of the victims from the water.

These people say in all their years of boating they had heard about accidents like this, but never actually seen one.

When they heard the loud blast and saw people thrown into the water, they quickly decided to go help.

"I don't know I mean I think anyone would have done it if they were around, we just happened to be the closest boat around, so we just tried to do what we could to help them." said Ryan Bulin.

Ryan Bulin and Michael Hamlin say they've been boating these waters on lake Texoma for most of their lives, but on Saturday a normal day of fun on the water, quickly took a shocking turn.

"A huge explosion shook the boat and made an extreme boom like we'd never heard before." said Michael Hamill.

They say they had just left the Grand Pappy Marina dock and were heading for the beach, when they heard and felt a very loud blast.

"I mean it was one of the loudest booms I've ever felt, I could feel the shock waves in our boat which was probably 50 yards away." said Bulin.

They saw debris flying over the marina gas station and people in the water, as a boat was bursting into flames, but instead of heading far away to safety, they headed straight for the burning boat, to see if they could help.

"We first came up and tried to put the fire out with the extinguisher that we had on board, but it was no match for the fire that was going on, so at that point we disconnected the boat from the dock and got the boat away from the dock and got the people and the dog in the water, in our boat and just got them to shore." Bulin said.

Three people and a dog who had been on the boat were thrown into the water and injured.

Game wardens say although no official cause has been released, they believe it may have been caused by a blower malfunction.

Game wardens say they are working on an accident report for the coast guard, but they tell us because no one was seriously injured or killed, there won't be an in depth investigation.