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3ft Gator Caught By Platter, OK Homeowner


PLATTER, OK-- A homeowner's pet looked like a great dinner for an alligator living off the land in one Texoma town. Echo, a five pound dog barely got away from the chopping jaws of a baby alligator.

Alligators in Lake Texoma, no longer a tale.

Wednesday evening, a homeowner noticed his dog was being chased by an animal in the front yard. It turned out to be a three foot alligator. The residence is just half a mile from Platter Flatts State Park where Teresa Massey is enjoying camping with her husband and dog.

"We're just out here for the week, enjoying fishing and the beautiful, beautiful week," says Massey.

She was shocked to hear gators are lurking in Lake Texoma.

"I did not know that, it's a surprise to me to hear this," says Massey.

And even more frightened to learn one tried to make a small dog it's dinner.

"You hear about that in Louisiana and Florida, but not Lake Texoma," says Massey.

Massey says like any mom, she'd panic if an alligator was chomping at her beloved Missy.

"I'd catch her as fast as I can and head for the trailer," says Massey.

Echo's owners also went into protective mode Wednesday night when they trapped the baby alligator. Game wardens relocated it to another part of Southeastern, Oklahoma. A relief to Massey and Missy.

"She's more concerned with squirrels normally so I don't know what she do if it was an alligator," says Massey.

Authorities say, if there's a baby, there's a mama somewhere. Gators are more prone to Southeastern, Oklahoma, but they don't deny gators are in Lake Texoma and say they get reports of them every year.