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Texoma Gun Sales Up After Colorado Shootings

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DURANT, OK -- After the shooting at a theater in Aurora, Colorado that left 12 dead and injured fifty eight, Texomans flock to local gun shops, for a way to defend themselves.

"Something like that is the reason that drove me to go through the whole conceal/carry class" Says Leslie Dillard.
Area gun shops say they've seen an increase in traffic of people purchasing fire arms.  Selling record numbers of guns over the weekend.  
"Over the weekend we saw a pretty large increase in gun sales.  And we're only open half a day on Saturday." Says Mel Carruth of Top Dollar Pawn in Durant.
Top dollar pawn in Durant said they sold more guns in that half day than they have in the past several years.  They say events such as the theater shootings drive people into their shop, looking for self protection.
"It was out of the ordinary for a Saturday, and you have a tendency to want to reflect that it had to do with what happened in Colorado because it really shook up a lot of people."
Local consumers say they're looking for something to have peace of mind.  That if they found themselves in a bad situation, they would be able to defend themselves
"It's mainly for your protection, and like that it'd be for everybody's protection if you could help save somebody."
And other consumers believe that with proper protection.  A risky situation such as the shootings in Colorado, could be avoided all together.
"If somebody knew that people had protection, they wouldn't even try to come at them like that."