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6 Arrested in Nursing Home Prescription Fraud


SULPHUR -- A six month investigation led to six arrests, each accused of using patient names from the Callaway Nursing home to order narcotic prescriptions.

"You also wonder were they selling them? Were they trading some for other drugs like meth? You never know what the actual economic gain from them was, but there certainly is a market for them," Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics spokesperson Mark Woodward said.

When OBN was alerted to the issue, they launched a full investigation in cooperation with the Sulphur Police Department and Murray County Sheriff's Office. For Woodward, the crime is hard to digest.

"We're very concerned that someone in this position- in these positions who families trust with their loved ones would be doing something like this, so it is very troubling. I hope it sends a message that this is not going to be tolerated," said Woodward.

Woodward says he does not believe anyone in administration was involved at that it was only some members of the nursing department who were ordering the fraudulent prescriptions. He adds that all of the prescriptions ordered were in addition to the ones already needed for the patients there and that no resident went without the needed medication.

We tried reaching Callaway. Our request for an interview was denied Thursday, but they did ask us to contact them again when their director was available.

The pills could bring a big profit.

"8,400 out of the 9,000 pills were for hydrocodone and those are going for anywhere from two to ten dollars, so you could be looking at, potentially, anywhere from 40 to 80 thousand dollars, street value," explained Woodward.

He calls the investigation a terrific cooperative effort.

"It's been critical to work very closely with our local law enforcement. They know the people, and really, the boots on the ground, so we couldn't do a lot of these investigations without the help of our partners," Woodward said.

Six are behind bars, with the possibility of more arrests being made.