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New Texas Law in Effect To Crack Down on Copper Theft

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SHERMAN, TX--There's a new Texas law to crack down on Copper theft. Lawmakers passed it to protect the property of homeowners and utility companies.

Customers are now required to provide documentation when bringing A/C units or other copper materials to a scrap yard.

Homeowners must show a proof of purchase or other paperwork to prove that a central heating or air conditioning unit is theirs.

License air-conditioning professionals are also authorized to recycle copper.

"The whole purpose of this law is to curb theft and to try to eliminate some of that, which we feel is a good thing," James Reed said, 82 Metal Recyclers manager "Obviously, we don't want to buy anything that's stolen. Hopefully this helps law enforcement crack down on some of these people who have been taking this air conditioners and putting people out of pocket--or their insurance company--or what have you"

Metal recyclers must keep an item for 72 hours to five days from the date of purchase. Texas Senate Bill 694 has been in effect since September 1st.

Jen French, KTEN News