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Alcohol Now Served on Choctaw Casino Floor

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DURANT, OK -- It's official Choctaw Casino and Resort is serving alcohol to gamers on the game room floor. It's not free while you gamble, but it is available and it's available throughout the resort as well. Deeda Payton reports.

The lights, the sounds, the games, it's all designed to draw you in and now the Choctaw Casino and Resort has yet another attraction, alcohol. "Now guests can come into our facility, play at any of our games, poker tables, any of our machines and be able to order a drink right off the floor," said Janie Dillard, the Executive Director of Gaming at the Casino.

Dillard says serving alcohol to gamers and guests is a necessary progression they chose to make to be more competitive in the market. "Really with all the guest surveys we did that was one of the top requests of our guests so you've got to listen to your guests," said Dillard.

The casino obtained a liquor license earlier this summer, but just recently acquired an additional license to serve alcohol on the game room floor and now guests can have a drink pretty much anywhere in the resort. "It's going to make the casino more popular," said gamer, Kyle Adams of Fort Worth, TX.

Many gamers say they're happy with Choctaw's decision. "I think they should. I think it should be there. We've gone to Shreveport for years and enjoyed it and I think it should be here," said Carol Spradley of Prosper, TX. "I thought it was a little different at first cause they didn't have it so I think it's normal that they do have it now," said Joanna Coleman of Prosper, TX.

With Labor Day Weekend just around a corner and adult beverages on the floor, Choctaw has high expectations for the future.

While the Choctaw Casino and Resort does a liquor license, it still has to abide by the able laws, state laws and county laws when it comes to serving alcohol.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.