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Treasure Hunters Roadshow Stops in Sherman

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SHERMAN, TX -- Clean out the junk drawer, bring down the boxes from the attic, Treasure Hunters Roadshow is in town. The international collectors association is looking for antiques, coins and memorabilia of all kinds. Deeda Payton explains how it all works.

Anyone can bring in their old jewelry or war memorabilia and if the treasure hunters know of a collector for the item, they'll pay you for it right then and there.

As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure. That's the idea behind the Treasure Hunters Roadshow that's setting up shop in Sherman. "What you do is you come in and register. You go see a buyer. They'll look over your stuff and offer you a price and if you accept the price, we write you a check right on the spot," said Treasure Hunters Roadshow Organizer, Barbara Wright.

Texomans lined up an hour before the event even started waiting to show their stuff, hoping to sell it for just the right price. "I wouldn't take less than 60 for my pottery from 1962," said Helen Barron of Sherman.

"We usually get people cleaning out their attics of things that have been in storage for years. It's very normal to get a bunch of things like this," said Treasure Hunters Roadshow Buyer, A.J. Wright.

It's up to the treasure hunters' buyers to determine a value and make an offer. "We don't price stuff. We're not appraisers, we just give a price that our collectors will pay for stuff," said Barbara Wright.

Who knows? Your junk drawer could be their treasure chest. You won't know unless you ask and that's why the roadshow is here in Texoma.

If you think you've got something of value, visit the roadshow at the Hampton Inn in Sherman. They're open Tuesday through Friday from nine until six and Saturday from nine until four.

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Deeda Payton, KTEN News.