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Campers Complain About Dead Fish at Lake Murray

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LAKE MURRAY, OK- - Campers at Lake Murray say they were hoping for a nice weekend at the lake. But instead, they spent Friday night and Saturday morning trying to avoid dead fish on the banks and ignore the smell. Meredith Saldana met with those campers Saturday morning and has more on this story.

Lake Murray is known for it's beautiful scenery and clean water.

Something that has attracted campers like Dale Owen and his family, for more than 40-years.

But he says this trip was quite different.

"Last night, out across the lake, there was thousands of dead fish floating, and you could just count them. White fish floating everywhere," says Owen. "So this is a serious problem and somebody needs to come down and explain it to the campers. There's a lot of campers here this weekend a lot of people that don't understand what's going on."

Shawn Rawls and his family were camping at the same site and have a similar story.

"We got out here last night and setup camp and we kept smelling something. And then my kids got up this morning and came down to the dock and they come running back up to the camp and they told me well there's a bunch of dead fish," says Rawls. 

When we visited the lake Saturday morning, the first thing we came across, was the foul smell.

Then we, too, found some of those dead fish.

Some were still in the water, others were up on the bank.

We asked Rawls how many he saw, "That I counted? Just right off hand was around 50 fish up on the bank and I looked out across the water and the whole top of the water was white with them."

"We're camping, we're paying $12 a night for a tent but we can't use the lake. We can't fish, we can't swim, so it's kind of a wasted trip really," says Owen.

Rawls says he'll allow his girls to fish, but he won't allow them to eat what they catch.

"I've never seen it like this and we camp down here every year, every summer."

Owen says he's looking for an explanation and hoping something will be done.

"I would at least like to see them clean up the fish in the swimming areas, just on the beach areas," says Owen. "And I think everybody that paid to camp this weekend should get a rain check."

We called the Lake Murray State Park and they said they were aware of the dead fish but weren't sure what was causing it.

We did call the game warden but have not received a call back yet.

We'll of course keep you updated.

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News