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Man Survives Semi Crash on Highway 75

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TEXAS--Another accident on the same stretch of Highway 75.  This one involved a semi truck and two additional vehicles.

The accident happened near the Texas Travel Plaza, cars slowed as the Northbound lane narrowed down to one lane.  As the cars slowed, a tractor trailer truck did not; it slammed into one car then side swiped another.  

Even after the collisions the semi truck did not stop, it continued across the medium into on coming traffic.  Coming to a final rest in the grass of the Texas Travel Plaza.  The semi driver was taken to TMC with minor injuries, the driver of the side swiped, blue truck walked away unharmed and the driver of the other car was airlifted from the scene to Parkland in Dallas.  Authorities say he was unresponsive at the scene and is currently in critical condition.

The semi driver was cited/ticketed for failure to control speed.  

Christina Lusby, Reports.

Additional Information:  The Northbound lanes near the Red River are both back open.  The River Road Bridge has been repaired from Wednesday's accident.