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Howe Volunteer Fire Department short staffed


HOWE, TX -- The volunteer fire department in Howe, TX is now short staffed after several fire fighters walked out including the old fire chief.

As of now, Terry Rogers, the old fire chief said nearly three fourths of the department left.

However, Mayor Jeff Stanley and new fire chief, Mary Jones said this number is much lower and estimates about 4 or 5 fire fighters leaving.

The Mayor said there is a contingency plan in place in case more help is needed.

"We have put in contingencies with the counties to help support the city in case we do have some problems," Stanley said.

However, Jones says she doesn't anticipate there being any problems with the staff they have left.

"We have a very good groupof fire fighters left and I don't think we'll have any problems," Jones said.

Meanwhile, the Mayor and Jones says they are not sure as to why Rogers and the other volunteer fire fighters stepped out.