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Unemployment Goes Broke in Texas


Bad news for the unemployed, Texas' unemployment fund will be empty by next week. Deeda Payton has who will be affected.

People who have been out of work for 59-weeks or more and are eligible for the additional 13 weeks of unemployment benefits are the only ones who will be affected. That amounts to about 15-thousand people statewide. Those 15,000 in the extended benefits program will not get a check until the money comes back from the department of labor.

The Texas Workforce Commission's has already taken out interest-free loans from the Department of Labor to keep paying the regular unemployment insurance. Bottom line, if you're one of the 822,000 Texans claiming unemployment, just hang in there. And, if you are at a point where you need extended benefits, keep filing every two weeks so you can receive the retroactive payments.

Workforce Solutions says that if you are at the point where you need the additional 13 weeks of benefits to try to get a part-time job because you won't subtract your unemployment benefits as quickly. Meaning your unemployment benefits will be extended because of those additional wages.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.