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Denison Re-Elects Robert Brady for Mayor

Denison Mayor Robert Brady Denison Mayor Robert Brady

In Denison, the race for mayor drove people to the polls, despite the rain. Two candidates challenged incumbent Mayor Robert Brady's seat: Doug Hoover and Dan Mooney - were both on the ballot. KTEN's Jhen Kordela has the latest from the polls. 

According to the Denison City Clerk, Robert Brady will serve as the mayor of Denison for three more years. 

Results indicate a big win for the incumbent. Mayor Robert Brady garnered 70-percent of the vote, to Doug Hoover's 18-percent and former councilman Dan Mooney's 12-percent. 

I did speak with all the candidates, who provided some expert insight on the struggles Denison is facing and advice to the current mayor.

From Wall Street to Main Street, the city of Denison is no different in having to face the country's economic issues.

"I think the economy is the problem right now," says Dan Mooney, who ran for Denison mayor. "Same as the entire United States."

Adds Mayor Robert Brady: "Same issues that face the country economically. Everyone needs to build their tax base and you do that with good, solid industry."

But, there are different ways to approach the problem.

"The other two guys, I know they love Denison just as much as I do," says Brady. "There's no doubt about that. They just have a different view on how to get from point 'A' to point 'B'."

Brady, who's served the city as mayor for the past three years, says Denison needs to spruce up its image to attract new industry and business.

"One of the things Denison has to do is we have to improve the way we look," says Brady.

Denison native Doug Hoover says placing an emphasis on tourism and the city's rich history will attract money to the area.

"Denison was created as an industrial town by the railroad," says Hoover. "It's been harder and harder to attract and keep industry as we compete with a larger, global market."

Although each resident has different viewpoints all might agree on one thing:

"Denison is loaded with good people," says Mooney.

899 Denison residents voted in Saturday's election. 

- Jhen Kordela, KTEN News.