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American Bully Breed Dog Show in Ardmore


Organizers say the dogs that are bred for shorter, more muscular, mellow characteristics have been around for years.

But just recently, interest in the dog has sparked because of their relation to pit bulls.

A group of Carter County residents who own the dog decided to hold a bully breed dog show to allow the public to form their own opinions, but organizers say the response has been overwhelming.

Joey Brown told KTEN News, "Like I said, it's blowed up a little bigger than I expected and I guess that's a good thing because it'll get this style of dog recognized and you know maybe some positive publicity for them for once."

What Brown didn't know was that people from Canada, California, Delaware and even Florida would be making the trip to Ardmore to see the dog show.

Brown tells KTEN News the Internet does wonders. He posted a few things and people have just passed it along.

One man even canceled a vacation to be in Ardmore.

"I've got a man that's out of California. He canceled his Hawaiian timeshare to rent an RV and drive up to the show to bring his dogs to the show. Because, you know, it's a show that he wants to support and he thinks is for a good cause."

The show will be at the Ardmore Convention Center Saturday and starts at 10:30am.

Admission is $10, and free for those 12 and under.

Reporting in Ardmore, Meredith Saldana, KTEN News.