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Choctaw Casino Wards off Swine Flu


Thousands of people walk in and out of Choctaw Casino every day and many of them are bussed here from Dallas where there's been at least three confirmed cases of swine flu. Officials say they're reminding their employees to wash their hands and wear gloves.  

Tuesday morning wasn't like every other at Choctaw Casino. While gamblers click on buttons and hope for millions, employees were briefed on the swine flu.     

Manager of Environmental Services, Glinda Atteberry, says, "There was some confirmed cases in Dallas, and so we're taking precautions."     

Atteberry says cleanliness is always a top priority, but news of the swine flue taken things to a new level.     

"We are constantly cleaning the machines around the buttons where people touch.  It's close to home, and we have a lot of people that drive in from Dallas to visit our facility here."

During the meeting, employees were told about the importance of personal hygiene to ward off germs.     

"We just remind them to be sure to wear gloves and wash their hands frequently, and use hand sanitizer. As far as cleaning the machines differently, we always try to maintain a high priority of cleanliness in the casino."     

Health officials say if your going somewhere where there is a lot of people, like a casino, bring your own hand sanitizer.    

Vanessa Bolano, KTEN News.