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Behind the Kitchen Door, 4/23/09


In this week's Behind the Kitchen Door, we're following up on a suggestion from a viewer. KTEN's Katy Blakey shows us the latest health inspections from Sherman's Taco Cabana.

Since January of 2008 the restaurant has repeatedly scored a "B" on it's health inspections. And everytime it's cited for similar violations coming very close to scoring a "C".

Taco Cabana boasts it's an alternative to traditional Mexican and fast-food. But according to one recent diner, the Sherman location is not a better alternative.

Here's what a viewer wrote to KTEN: "The last 3 times I have been in Taco Cabana in Sherman has been absolutely horrifying. The place is nasty and has very poor customer service. I love Taco Cabana just not the Sherman location."

Grayson County health inspectors paid the restaurant a visit in December of 2008. The Tex-Mex place received 19 demerits, just one demerit shy of a "C" grade.

According to the report, the most critical violation came when a handwashing sink was being used to store tortilla chips. And another handwashing sink failed to offer soap and paper towels.

As health officials made their way through the kitchen a number of appliances were found soiled.  Inspectors noted the inside of the ice machine was soiled with a mold-like substance. The grill surfaces were observed soiled with food debris, even storage bins containing rice and beans were dirty on the outside.

We contacted Taco Cabana's headquarters in San Antonio, but have not received a call back. Keep your suggestions and comments coming. Send any restaurants you want checked out to

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