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"White Powder" Also Mailed to Oklahoma's Governor


"White Powder" Also Mailed to Oklahoma's Governor

Earlier today on www.kten.com, we reported to you about the governor of Texas receiving a suspicious envelope holding white powder.

Now, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety is confirming a similar letter was mailed to Oklahoma's governor.

Below is the e-mail KTEN received from Oklahoma's DPS:

"(Oklahoma City) The Department of Public Safety confirmed today that a suspicious letter containing a powdery substance was received this afternoon by Gov. Brad Henry's office, but preliminary tests indicate the substance was harmless.  

Further tests are being conducted to confirm the initial findings.  In recent days, several governors' offices around the country have received similar letters, all of which contained a harmless powder. The envelope delivered to Gov. Henry's office today had similar characteristics as the other letters in question. Upon receiving it, the governor's staff contacted law enforcement officials who secured and opened the envelope.  Preliminary tests determined the powder to be harmless, but further tests will be conducted to confirm those findings.

Captain Chris West #39, Oklahoma Department of Public Safety"