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A Grayson County Girl is Bitten by a Poisonous Snake


An 11-year-old is bitten twice by a poisonous snake right in her own backyard. The girl was then flown by life-star to a hospital in Dallas for treatment. It is unclear at this time why the child was flown to Dallas. Today, I asked our local hospitals if they were equipped with anti-venin and both TMC and Wilson N Jones said yes.

Around 9:45 last night highway 82 at the Whitesboro truck stop was shut down so that life-star could land. The eleven-year-old girl was then flown to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. According to the grandmother, the girl was bitten twice on the foot by a copperhead snake in her backyard. She had been jumping on the trampoline and was bitten while running back to the house. Parkland Hospital administered anti-venin to treat the girl.

TMC Pharmacist, Richard Austin explains the process. "The anti-venin is usually administered by iv given over 4-6 hrs...18 hours." "Usually the copperhead bites cause local swelling...different situation."

Both TMC and Wilson N Jones keep anti-venin in stock. Both have enough to treat roughly two patients depending on severity. They tell me patients typically receive between four and six vials of anti-venin. Just two vials can cost upwards of 25-hundred dollars.
As of now, the eleven-year-old is hospitalized and being treated for pain. The grandmother tells me her birthday is Saturday, she will be 12.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.

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