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New Oklahoma Tattoo Laws Approved


Tattoo parlors in Oklahoma will be allowed to open their doors in just over a month, and now the State Board of Health has adopted rules to help regulate them.  The new restrictions go into effect November 1st, and health officials say the rules should lead to a statewide expansion of tattoo parlors and body-piercing shops.  KTEN's Andrea Kurys has the story.

The regulations were decided unanimously at Thursday's State Board of Health meeting.

The body artists will have to be licensed, which includes taking courses in bloodborne diseases and first aid.  They will also have to pass a standardized competency test and will have to pass at least two inspections per year by health department officials.  Tattoos will be restricted to people eighteen-years or older.  A tattoo parlor owner in Caddo says every State has some form of regulations for tattooing, and he doesn't mind at all.

Eric Parker said, "I would hope Oklahoma would enforce the strictest regulations that they possibly could.  It's not anything to be played with and anybody who tattoos and really respects the industry of tattooing and respects what they do for a living is gonna welcome that."

Parker says the rules will limit tattooing to professional artists.  It will prevent unsafe and unsanitary conditions, which could lead to diseases.  Parker says if there weren't regulations put into place, it would be detrimental to the entire industry.  He says now Oklahomans can be confident with their safety.

Andrea Kurys, KTEN News.