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Teen Tobacco Use Down In Oklahoma


Officials say that tobacco use is down amoung students in the state of Oklahoma. Surveys taken by Oklahoma students found the percentage of users dropped from 42 percent in 1999, to 33 percent in 2005. KTEN's Margaret Stokes reports.     

Health department officials say they hope that classroom programs will continue to help the number of smokers fall over the next few years.

The decrease in smokers among middle school and high school students,  the state believes is due to classroom programs.

The Ardmore Public School District uses the Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission to enforce their no tobacco policy.     

The school ditrict believes having to face state consequences is more intimidating to students than just be punished by the school.      

Still, cigarette vendors face teens not yet 18 trying to buy the products. Under Oklahoma law, clerks selling tobacco products should demand proof of age of anyone who appears to be under eighteen..and failure to do so could result in a fine of that clerk.

Although tobacco use is down according to statistics, officials say working to educate students on the dangers of using the product is a continuing process.      

Reporting from the Ardmore newsroom..Margaret Stokes KTEN news.