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Dry Days in Oklahoma Increase Risk of Sparking Wildfires

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OKLAHOMA--Dry, windy conditions have firefighters a little edgy right now.

Texoma hasn't seen significant rain in a long time--which means the smallest spark can cause major damage and even cost lives.

Meredith Saldana asked firefighters what people can do to prevent these fires.

According to the National Interagency Fire Center, Oklahoma has seen over 1500 wildfires with over 80,000 acres burned from January 1st to November 4th--which makes this a serious concern for residents of southern Oklahoma.

The NIFC reports large sections of southern and western Oklahoma have a higher than normal risk for wildfires this month.

You may not realize it, but firefighters say December is one of the worst months for wildfires.

"With the weather conditions, you know, the humidity is down, everything gets dry and really windy, so that makes for bad fire conditions especially in wildland," said Chris Allen, Ardmore firefighter.

Firefighters say common sense is the best practice.

Make sure you dispose of your lit cigarettes properly and keep you barbeque grills covered.

The city of Ardmore has issued a burn ban for inside the city limits which means no bonfires or campfires.

You can still barbeque but, again keep those grills covered.

Meredith Saldana, KTEN News