LAKE TEXOMA (KTEN) — Excess rain and storms have led to rising water levels on Lake Texoma.

"Unfortunately, we've got more water than we've been able to accommodate in releases," said Jake Ellison, who manages Lake Texoma for the US Army Corps of Engineers

Every second, nearly 150,000 gallons of water is being released from the floodgates at Denison Dam to combat the rising waters of Lake Texoma.

"The flood risk management portion of that is very integral, because without the dam and the integrity of the structure, you don't have the rest of it," Ellison explained.

Currently the lake is more than seven feet above its normal level.

"Important that you maintain the integrity of the structure, and we make those decisions based on releases and water levels and everything," Ellison said.

The pool normally sits anywhere from 615 feet to 619 feet depending on the season, but is currently at 622.98 feet.

Opening the dam releases all of the excess upstream flood water from the Red River and Washita River, then passes it downstream.

"Any time you have a high water event where you have a lot of water pushing a lot of debris down the river, there's going to be a lot of floating hazards," Ellison warned.

All of the excess water does not just create a flooding hazard.

"Very important that anybody going out on the lake right now — boaters and things like that — they're very cautious," said Ellison.

You can contact the US Army Corps of Engineers to see daily lake levels and closures, or visit their website.