SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Grayson County Commissioners on Tuesday gave thumbs up to a grant for the North Texas Regional Airport.

The $4 million will come from a Texas Department of Transportation airport participation agreement which funnels federal and state funds to improve lighting and navigation at the airport. 

That, in turn, will enhance safety for both pilots and passengers at North Texas Regional Airport.

"It was built in the 50s, and it's been somewhat kept up, but we want to make improvements and hopefully get up to where we're not a regional airport, but a national airport," said County Judge Bruce Dawsey.

Bill Magers, the NTRA Director, states that 90% will be funded by TXDOT and 10% will be funded locally with no tax increase on tax payers.

"This is the largest aviation grant this airport has ever received – It's a 4.2 million dollar grant and it's going to be used to automate and update our aviation lighting and landing systems," said Bill Magers, the North Texas Regional Airport Director.

The main objective of the funding is to improve safety within the airport.

"Basically, get in the 21st century. Today's lighting are controlled by telephones and by a lot of intricacies that our current system doesn't have. It's going to be a lot safer for when people are landing at night and in inclement weather."

While some of the grant money will be provided this year, the bulk of the funding will be available in 2025.