SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Sherman City Hall offices will be relocating this summer as the building undergoes renovations.

"It saves millions and millions of dollars to just reuse what we have in a more efficient way," said Deputy Mayor Shawn Teamann.

The current City Hall started out as a post office. It was repurposed for municipal use nearly 25 years ago.

With the city's explosive growth, council members have been working on a plan to best serve employees and the public.

"After looking at the possibility of just building an all-new City Hall, or adding on to the current building the council decided to go with the cheapest option to renovate the building," said city spokesperson Nate Strauch. "The good news is, we already have the money in the bank."

The $2 million project is set to focus on utilizing the current space available to expand office spaces while making them more accessible for citizens.

"Some of the staff members they have right now are working out of closet spaces," Teamann said. "As the city has been growing, the staff has been increasing with that demand, so it's really about efficiency and recreating those spaces so the exterior walls don't have to change."

Along with efficiency for employees and the public, safety will also be a key component of the project.

"Right now, the City Hall is not a very secure building, so we'll be adding a number of upgrades like cameras to make sure that it's more safe for the public as well," Strauch said.

The project is slated to start in July, and is expected to last about six months and be wrapped by the end of the year.

"The plan right now is for all of City Hall to pick and move up out of this building, so we will be relocating to the old police station on Travis Street," Strauch explained. "That should be around the time the fire department will be finished up across the street."