LONE GROVE, Okla. (KTEN) — One person is dead after a house fire broke out in Lone Grove just after 9:30 on Tuesday morning. Emergency personnel were able to put out the flames, but the house is a total loss.

Lone Grove and Carter County personnel were both dispatched out to the fire.

"We had received the phone call around 9:31 this morning, of a structure fire here off of Ingleside Drive.” Stated Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant. “Lone Grove Fire Department was dispatched out here, sheriff's office was on site."

After they were able to control the flames, they found a sobering scene.

"The house seems to be a total loss.” Said Bryant. “There is one person that was inside. The person is deceased."

The outside of the house is still standing, thanks to a fast-acting neighbor.

"I'm outside working on my fence, and I look up, and I see smoke, didn't think nothing of it.” Said Jeremy Reed. “I keep working on my fence, and then I smell stuff that shouldn't be burning, burning."

As realization set in, Reed jumped into action.

"Guy's truck was there, so I knew he was somewhere on the property. I banged on the house, around the back of it because the front was blowing up, oxygen tanks were blowing up so we couldn't even get near the door.” He said. “I called the fire department, told the neighbors, in case it spread that way."

There is currently an investigation into the cause of the fire.