WHITESBORO, Texas (KTEN) — The Whitesboro Independent School District sought financial support and got the green light from voters on Saturday, who agreed to a $118 million bond to fund major improvements in transportation and facilities.

“We started meeting via committee in September," said Superintendent Ryan Harper. "We’ve known for a while that we’re out of space.”

Harper said tax law changes and an increase in homestead exemptions helped district officials decide now was the time to address the issue.

“Every little closet is now an instructional space; offices are now instructional spaces; people are sharing offices," Harper explained. "We’ve moved around a lot of pieces to make things work for years, but we decided it was time."

There were two propositions on the ballot; one to fund the purchase of buses, an early childhood center, an auditorium, a high school career and technical education addition, and a new agriculture program barn. The $100 million measure passed 767-524.

The other proposition was to pay for an $18 million multipurpose activity center.  The vote on this one was a little closer: 652-635.

“It’s all about space; the entire bond was about space,” Harper said. 

“The multipurpose center is going to be unbelievable for our kids," said Whitesboro athletic director and head football coach Cody Fagan. "With the weather, with the rain, and, trying to get those kids safe places to practice out of the weather, is just going to be an unbelievable benefit. We’re never going to have to cancel practice for those things again."

Even though both propositions will result in a property tax increase, voters chose to put the school district first.

“It just shows the students that everyone supports them," Harper said. "Everyone is going to support them when time is needed, and take care of them, and really offer them have every opportunity that they could imagine.”