DENISON, Texas (KTEN) —  "We had a great day for voting yesterday; we had a great turnout," said Robert Crawley, who will take over for outgoing Denison Mayor Janet Gott. 

Crawley is looking forward to continuing Mayor Gott's work.

"Just proud that I was elected, and look forward to leading our community going forward," he said. 

In addition to a new mayor, Teresa Adams was elected to the Place 6 council seat, replacing Brian Hander, whose mayoral bid fell short on Saturday.

Adams is still reeling from the election results.

"I'm relieved, I'm happy, and I'm glad that people got out and voted and had their voices heard," she said.

Adams received 1,168 votes in Saturday's election; her opponent, Braeden Wright, had 741.

Adams believes she's ready to do what's best for the city with her priorities once she takes over Place 6.

"We just want to be sure that the infrastructure gets in place before the people get here," she said. "The population is coming; people are coming; jobs are coming; and we just want to be sure that it is all in place."

Crawley is also ready for his new position, going from Place 4 council member to the next Denison mayor.

Crawley defeated opponent Brian Hander 1072-913.

"City government is huge; it has a $70 million budget, so there are so many things that the average person doesn't think about, but planning is very important to us," Crawley said. "We want to do the very best we can, because what we do today is going to affect us for many years in the future."