CARTER COUNTY, Okla. (KTEN) — As southern Oklahoma residents finished cleaning up and drying out from Saturday's storms that dumped more than 9 inches of rain, more precipitation could bring flooding threats along the Washita River and other locations.

"We got 7 inches on Saturday night, and totals as of this morning is 12.4 inches," said Carter County resident Steve Cook.

"The river is at its banks, but it's not out of its banks yet," said Dickson Fire Chief Clarence Perryman. "Any more rain that it gets, it's going to start getting out of its banks and it'll start affecting the pastures along the river and back it up to Caddo Creek and flooding the Gene Autry area."

Perryman added that residents should start to take precautionary steps.

"People have dealt with this a lot, so I'm sure they're already moving their cattle out of those low line areas," he said. "But any livestock, they need to get to higher ground now... while they can."

The City of Ardmore is already 5-and-a-half inches above average rainfall for this year.

"I'm a farmer, so I can't complain... but we've had just about enough," Cook said.

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