SULPHUR, Okla. (KOCO) — Raina Valkoun recounted the moment strong storms blew out the windows of her bar, Raina's Sports Lounge, in downtown Sulphur on Saturday.

"I turned around and I dove under the bar," she said. "I got to the side of the bar and the floor and had to get flat. I got flat, and next thing I knew, all of the rubble was on top of me."

By the time she took cover, the building at West 2nd Street and West Muskogee Avenue had collapsed.

Valkoun said she thinks at least 12 people were still inside when the structure gave way.

She was buried for 40 minutes.

"All I heard was more screaming, and I was under there just trying," Valkoun said. "I had a pocket of air, so I just kept trying to calm myself down."

She was eventually pulled from the pile of debris, along with others who were at the bar.

But one of Valkoun's patrons failed to emerge from the rubble.

She said the customer — who had been a regular at Raina's Sports Lounge for more than a decade — was standing at the bar's front door.

"She used to sit right next there... that was her seat," Valkoun recalled, adding that the woman's kids were her life.

"She was a grandmother, has two children — a boy and a girl. Fantastic woman... used to bring us food every Friday night for us to eat," Valkoun said.

 Raina's Sports Lounge in Sulphur before the tornado. (Google Maps Street View)