SULPHUR, Okla. (KTEN) —  "We've got people here that they just lost their homes. We've got teachers that are trying to deal with those type of issues at home as well, so we wanna make sure we can help them cover classes as best as possible. So we're looking to mobilize some of our staff to come down and help fill that," said Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters. 

Sulphur Public Schools is trying to pick up the pieces after school property sustained tree damage, flooded buildings, and school buses flipped over from the weekend's rain and tornadoes.

Superintendent Matt Holder believes partnering with state education officials will help provide aid for the estimated 1,485 people that may have been impacted.

"This is tornado damage. Our high school was impacted mainly by water damage, more flooding issues," Holder said. "The reason we're closed in school right now is the transportation side of things, but we've got mitigation services getting the schools cleaned up right now."

The district is working hard to get students back to normalcy as soon as possible, and Oklahoma officials are providing resources to help anyone impacted by the storms.

"We're trying to make sure that every resource from the state department is made available to them, so that is school supplies; that is paying for hotels for displaced families, food; and we're working with our child nutrition department to make sure that they've got all the food necessary to make sure that kids are getting fed during this time," Walters said. 

Holder does not know how much it will cost to make repairs to school property, but he said he is fortunate that the buildings are standing upright so that students can return when the time comes.