SULPHUR, Okla. (KTEN) -- One person is dead and at least thirty others are injured after possibly the worst storm in recent Texoma history ran through the small city of Sulphur, Oklahoma late Saturday night.

"Praise Jesus, I'm glad that I'm alive."

Just before 10:30 pm, the KTEN weather team was tracking a deadly tornado slamming into the city of Sulphur. Then, as the night went on, more news started pouring in.

"Started in the park, and came into old downtown, or what I would call old downtown, but downtown, and...significant damage." Stated Oklahoma Highway Patrol Captain Shelby Humphrey

Roofs blown apart, walls obliterated, and some buildings reduced to rubble. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, could tell during his Sunday visit this storm was one of a kind.

"I've seen a lot of damage. I've been around the state, this is my sixth year.” Stitt said. “What I saw downtown Sulphur, it's unbelievable."

And with that unbelievable damage, some survivors have unbelievable stories to share.

"All the lights in my house went out, and I could feel, like, the trailer lift up off the ground, and, it was just like, everything just, it kinda felt still for a second. Before I know it, I was just sitting in just, just debris, and I'm just getting hit by a bunch of rain." Stated resident Raheem Mabery.

Others are scouring the debris, attempting to find property that was thrown across town in the storm.

"We were getting ready for a yard sale, and so we had storage tubs that we were going through things.” Stated Darla Newport. “Those have all been blown down here, and I'm just finding our things all over the place, a huge picnic table, I haven't found yet."

And some are relishing in fond memories of things that once were, Like Clint and Christal Ann Quinton. They raised their son, Isaiah, in Sulphur for most of his life before moving three years ago.

"Isaiah growing up, uh, here, we lived here for many years, and uh, we lived in an apartment complex, and the apartment complex is just demolished, it's very heartbreaking, very heartbreaking to see." Stated Christal Quinton.

"If you don't take these things serious, you really got to, and if you don't have a storm shelter, I advise you to get a storm shelter." Said Clint Quinton.

The tornado was rated at least an EF-3 by the National Weather Service, but could be upgraded depending on additional damage surveys.