(KTEN) – As the sky went dark on April 27, Mother Nature was getting ready to release her fury on Texoma. At 9:20 PM on April 27, the first of a series of tornado warnings was issued along the I-35 corridor. This would be the start of a very active and busy Saturday night for Texomans.

A parade of tornadoes launched their assault on Murray, Carter, and Love counties over a span of several hours.

As of 5 PM April 28, the National Weather Service in Norman, Oklahoma has confirmed two EF-3 tornadoes struck Sulphur, Oklahoma and Marietta, Oklahoma.

The tornado that struck the small, quaint town of Sulphur, Oklahoma had a path width of around a third to a half mile; sadly killing one person.

Information regarding the EF-3 tornado that hit Sulphur, OK


KTEN Weather Intern Garrett Tarver was in downtown Sulphur after the twisters hit.


Aerial footage from above Sulphur, Oklahoma showed the true destruction of the town.


Marietta, Oklahoma was dealt a heavy blow with a low-end EF-4 twister as it crossed I-35. One person was tragically killed by this tornado on I-35.

The Marietta tornado is now rated an EF-4


Significant damage was observed at the Dollar Tree Distribution Center. Cars and tractor trailers were tossed like toys along the highway.


Storm damage surveys will persist over the next few days to finalize the details regarding all the tornadoes that hit Texoma Saturday night.

Ongoing survey locations by the National Weather Service


As storms continue to threaten Texoma this evening, make sure you are staying weather aware and have the KTEN Weather App downloaded for the most up to date weather information!