SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) - Sergeant Paul Bailey's time in service took him overseas to Vietnam but his dedication to the country eventually brought him right back home to Sherman.

"I'm honored and blessed to have this bestowed on me that's for sure," Bailey said. 

He was drafted to the United States Army in 1965 and soon after he was deployed to fight in Vietnam where he patrolled the Cambodian border. The number three and twenty-one are special to Bailey's time in service. 

"21 days to get there, 21 months in the military and then 21 hours to get home," Bailey said. 

Some felt at the time nobody wanted to fight in Vietnam but for Bailey's unit that was far from the case. 

"Unless you've seen communism close up, you don't understand what war is. I've seen communism and evil up close and we don't want that on our land."

His time there earned him two overseas bars and a Vietnam Service Medal. 

And United States Marine Corps Veteran and Texoma Hero James Haun was honored for his service in the Korean War by the Republic of Korea. During the Korean War, when the United States artillery got low in ammunition, in order to avoid the enemy from knowing they used a code, "Tootsie Roll" and three C-130 planes dropped the candy from above which helped keep them alive during the extreme cold conditions.

Sergeant James Haun at 95 years old still keeps a tub of Tootsie Rolls by his side and today he got to share some while being honored with a citation from the South Korean Government. 

"I enjoy talking about it, here's how I look at it, if I don't talk about it people like me who was over there don't talk about it then when I'm gone people aren't going to know about it," Haun said.