(KTEN) -- A new bill has made its way through the Oklahoma legislature and is one step away from becoming law. It's a measure aimed at illegal immigration in the state, with punishments that could include a fine, and or time in a county jail.

"This bill is a deterrent," House Speaker Charles McCall (District 22) said.

House Bill 4156 went to Governor Kevin Stitt's desk Wednesday after passing in the house and senate.

The bill says that "impermissible occupation occurs if the person is an alien and willfully and without permission enters and remains in the state of Oklahoma without having legal authorization in the United States."

A first violation is a misdemeanor with a $500 maximum fine and or up to a year in a county jail.

A second violation is a felony with a $1,000 max fine and or up to two years in jail.

"We have to start somewhere and I think this is a good start," Johnston County Sheriff Gary Dodd said.

There is concern about the financial responsibility that could fall on taxpayers.

"If we arrested somebody, then we're incarcerating them here in the county jail. That is a burden on the taxpayers of Johnston County,” Dodd explained. “We're not going out there to try to enforce this law and fill up our jails with illegal aliens."

"We are increasing funding to the county sheriff's directly. That is part of our budget negotiations for this year's budget as well,” Speaker McCall said. “We are also discussing, and I believe have an agreement as of [Thursday], to increase the rate pay to county jails."

House Speaker Charles McCall believes Governor Kevin Stitt will sign HB 4156 into law.