(KTEN) — On Tuesday, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt vetoed Senate Bill 1470, known as the Oklahoma Survivors' Act.

The legislation would permit more lenient sentencing for victims of domestic violence who are convicted of crimes against their perpetrators.

The Oklahoma District Attorneys Council supported Stitt's veto. The Republican governor described Senate Bill 1470 as "bad policy," adding that the legislation would create a sword by which criminal defendants will fight the imposition of justice based on prior abuse.

"It just allows for an individual that is serving a prison sentence that has zero connection to domestic violence to receive a reduction in their prison sentence if they can show at some point they were a victim of domestic violence," explained District 22 District Attorney Erik Johnson.

The veto override has already been passed by the Oklahoma Senate, and is working its way through the House.

If both chambers override Stitt's veto, the bill will become a law effective November 1.