(KTEN) — Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector Cindy Bird has released a mandatory audit for the state for fiscal year 2022.

Among the findings: A conflict of interest for the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission.

Shelley Zumwalt, the executive director of that agency at the time, approved contracts worth more than $8 million with Phase 2 Development.

The auditor found that Zumwalt failed to disclose that her husband was vice president of Phase 2, creating a conflict of interest.

Zumwalt currently serves as Oklahoma Secretary of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage.

"This level of self-dealing represents an unforgivable breach of trust that disqualifies Ms. Zumwalt from overseeing the expenditure of our tax dollars," Drummond said in a written statement. "She should resign immediately."

"The auditor's report is misleading," Zumwalt said in a statement provided to KTEN. "I've never had a conversation with Auditor Byrd or her team regarding this matter. A thorough review of this situation would have easily cleared up an confusion on the many sign-offs and disclosures that happened well before I was named executive director of OESC. Transparency has always been a top priority of mine, and I will not be resigning."