BONHAM, Texas (KTEN)- Trenton High senior Braden Hall hasn't let any adversity slow him down during his time as a powerlifter.

Now, he's a national champion.

Hall brought home the USAPL National High School Championship earlier this month in his 198-pound division lifting 1,560 total pounds across squat, bench, and deadlift.

Remarkably, he's only been powerlifting for two years.

When he started, Trenton High School didn't offer powerlifting so he turned to Fat Chance Fitness in Bonham.

He qualified for the national championships last year, but failed to complete any of his three squat attempts with proper form, ruling him out of title contention.

But that failure only served as fuel to his fire as he worked to get back to the top this year.

"My biggest motivation was when you fail a lift it's three red lights, so I just think in my head every time I come into squat, three red lights," Hall said. "I have reminders. I have a post it on my door and it says, 'three red lights.'"

His coach Shane Patton couldn't be more proud of what Hall has accomplished.

"He doesn't say 'I can't' or 'I won't,'" Patton said. "I've coached a lot of kids in a lot of different aspects of sports. And to see him come in every day and work and miss out on things, the night he was the national championship was his senior prom, so he put that behind him and went out and got redemption."