Laura Giesler is lacing up as she prepares to run in the Boston Marathon.

But Laura's greatest challenge is already behind her.

In 2018 Laura was diagnosed with a rare form of placenta cancer, called malignant neoplasms of placenta, caused by a molar pregnancy.

"When they told me that, I wasn't really shocked, I was just still grieving the pregnancy loss," Laura Said.

She spent over a year going from chemo and infusions straight to work, and raising her young daughter.

In February of 2020, she was officially declared cancer free.. then two months later, in April, Laura was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Laura and her husband Russell said they never had any doubts she would beat it again - and that she did.

"We're just ready to do this, lets go," Laura said.

"After the first cancer it's like, it wasn't- we already- it wasn't nothing," said Russell.

Laura and Russell had a daughter before her first diagnosis, and were trying for their second.

"Chemo can shut down your ovaries," Laura said.

They knew they wanted to have two kids, and when they realized that may not be possible, they started looking at other options.

"It's hit or miss weather your ovaries come back or not, and we didn't wanna take that chance of them not coming back and not being able to having another baby," said Laura.

They decided to freeze her eggs and received a grant from the Expect Miracles Foundation to try in vitro fertilization.

After months of trying.. that failed, and Laura and Russell turned to fostering. Two days after their foster orientation, Laura took her last pregnancy test..

"I was like I'm just gonna have fun and do it, and I'm sitting there looking and I'm like, this cant be right"

And it was positive.

"The IVF doctor he told me it wasn't likely, the oncologist said it wasn't likely, but God said it was," Laura said.

In the fall of 2023 Laura was chosen by the Expect Miracles Foundation and the SAMFund to run in the Boston Marathon on April 15th.

Laura said she never thought she'd run a marathon, but is ready to take the challenge head on just like everything else.

To help Laura support the Expect Miracles Foundation, and reach her goal, click here.