ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — Each Tuesday and Thursday in April, seniors have the chance to work on their mobility skills with the help of a certified trainer at the HFV Wilson Community Center in Ardmore. 

Strength and Balance is the free class made possible through health grants awarded to the Southern Oklahoma Library System. 

“Lot’s of seniors can’t afford to have a personal trainer, or even a membership at the Y," said adult services librarian Pam Bean "These are short-term classes that we do two or three times a year, and they’re introduced to different exercises."

Seniors can take each workout they learn in the class and practice in the comfort of their homes.

“You don’t even have to have weights, as long as you’ve got some ability to do some kind of resistance," said instructor Susan Cowlbeck. "I teach a lot of functioning strength skills, like balance, like flexibility, like strengthening... so we can get through our daily life and continue to go and be independent as we get older.”

Several branches within the Southern Oklahoma Library System offer similar classes promoting the importance of physical health. 

“It’s so good, and its something that needs to be kept up," said senior Donna Hunt. "And you can do it every day, but it keeps you from falling — helps you from falling — and it’s just good for every day living.”