FANNIN COUNTY, Texas (KTEN) — Bois d'Arc Lake will be the place to be this spring and summer as officials anticipate a late spring opening for the recreational reservoir.

Staff with the Fannin County Sheriff's Office are getting their feet wet with new safety measures.

Bois d'Arc Lake began impounding water three years ago this month. But the 16,641-acre lake has yet to open for recreational use because there hasn't been enough rainfall to maintain lake levels and to implement a safety plan.

"We're hoping to have it open sometime in the next few months... could be earlier, could be later," Cunningham said. "My prediction is, it will be late spring."

According to Cunningham, the lake is bringing in much needed revenue to the county.

"What we're seeing is a lot of development. There are communities going in and large home being built and when I say large, I'm talking million-dollar homes and that adds to our tax base."

However, only some of the water from the lake is being serviced to Fannin County currently. 

"We'll hopefully get more water than we're presently getting," Cunningham said. 

Visitors can expect to see two boat landings and the development of a marina after the lake opens.

The Fannin County Sheriff's Office will suit up to keep lake goers safe.

"Some additional training such as scuba, water rescue thing of that nature that training and additional personnel will come on board," Lieutenant Frank Deater said. 


A map outlines features of the new Bois D'Arc Lake.