DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — The Denison Robo Jackets are making history this week as the high school robotics team gets ready to participate in its first state UIL competition.

To commemorate this milestone, their fellow Yellow Jacket teachers, cheerleaders, and the school drum line gathered for a celebratory sendoff to the event in Houston.

"It makes me proud of them, of course ... that I can kind of give them the direction that they need to go to become successful," said teacher Aaron Pridemore.

The state competition lasts for four days, with judges critiquing teams on robot design, structure, and skills.

The Robo Jackets believe their robot is up to the challenge.

A robot designed and constructed by the Denison Robo Jackets team.

"It weighs about 110 pounds, so they're really big," said team member Beka Brown. "A lot of our other competitors are maybe 75 pounds, so we're able to very easily push them aside if needed."

The robotics team learned to be prepared for anything that comes their way from previous competition mistakes.

"We know what's wrong... right side wheels are out? After that match, we're running to the pits... that robot's getting torn apart in the span of five minutes, and we're diagnosing that problem immediately," said team member and robot driver Dakota Roberts.

One student said he worked more than six hours a day for three to four weeks straight leading up to the state competition.

After the Houston competition, the Robo Jackets team hopes to qualify for the world robotics competition.