(KTEN) — April is National Donate Life Month, celebrating organ donors, and the Southwest Transplant Alliance is an organization doing its part to help save lives in Grayson County.

There are currently more than 10,000 Texans waiting for an organ donation.

"We have the opportunity — where hope and grief intersect — to honor someone's wishes to be an organ donor," said STA spokesperson Emma Lunceford.

The STA works every day in Sherman to help change that.

"Also to help give life and give hope to those who are waiting," Lunceford added.

In 2014, Lisa Barker was experiencing extreme abdominal pain. Doctors told her they needed to remove her gallbladder.

That's when they realized Barker was suffering acute liver failure. She was given 48 hours to live if she did not receive an organ donation.

Her life was saved by a 15-year-old girl named Courtney.

"I always say that Courntey's the greatest hero I never knew," Barker said.

STA is a nonprofit organization that partners with Texoma Medical Center, AHS Sherman Medical Center, and hospitals in 89 counties across the state.

Lunceford explained: "We want to honor and remember those people who have consciously made a decision to say, 'I want to help others.'"

The STA works with the families of organ donors to help them decide what to do when they are facing a personal tragedy.

"We also want to for those who didn't, but whose families said, 'I want my... my loved one was kind... my loved one was giving,'" Lunceford said.

If someone in the hospital dies and is qualified to be an organ donor, doctors will send an STA representative to talk to the family and walk them through the process.

"We get to help honor and remember someone who made a conscious decision to say, 'I want to help save lives when I pass,' and we also get to help give someone and give others a second chance at life," Lunceford said.

Lisa Barker now uses her gift of life to spread awareness about others who are waiting for a life-saving organ donation.