BONHAM, Texas (KTEN) — In 1927, students in Myra Winkler's American History class at Bonham High School were tasked with researching and interviewing people who were part of the city's history.

The final project was putting together a history book, titled A History of Bonham.

There are 67 students listed as contributing authors from the Class of 1927-28. Then, when the next school year came along, stories were written, information had been gathered.

The Class of 1928-29 decided to finish what the previous class had started. They organized and edited the book, and got it published by the Harben-Spotts Printing Company in Dallas.

"They organized it very well I thought for a bunch of kids, it's very readable and very interesting, particularly if you know people," said John Thornton, a Bonham resident who's mother helped write the book. 

The book outlines the early history of Bonham, organized by time periods into four main sections. The students write about people, businesses, and the development of municipal services and government.

A sample page from 'A History of Bonham, Texas.'