BELLS, Texas (KTEN) — Now through Sunday, one dollar from every buffet sold at Finish Line Pizza in Bells will go to help the family of Ireland Covington, a Wolfe City teen who was hit by a car on her way home from school last week.

"Ireland had come home from school, and she goes to the park pretty much every day after school, and she — no different — hopped on her bike and started riding to the park to meet her friends," said Renee Cochran, the victim's grandmother. "And as she was crossing the street, she was hit."

Ireland Covington has been at Children's Medical Center in Dallas since the crash, while her family is housed by Ronald McDonald House Dallas.

"She is stubborn and she is strong, and she is fighting her way through it," Cochran said. "We all know that God's bigger than everything, and He's going to get her through it, and He's going to get us through it as a family."

Finish Line Pizza owner Ashley Woodson does not know the Covington family personally, but still chose to establish the fundraiser for the accident victim after hearing her story. 

"I just can't imagine what they're going through," Woodson said. "I know how many days it's going to be in the hospital, and I just know the expenses rack up pretty quick."

In addition to the pizza fundraiser, a GoFundMe page, auctions, a bake sale and even a concert in Greenville are all coming up to help the Covington family with medical expenses.

"It means a lot to our family that all this support is, you know, just like coming in waves," said Lindsey Clark, Covington's aunt.

Ireland's story is already creating change.

"They're going to have volunteers at all the crosswalks now, so the crosswalks are never going to be unmanned because of this," Cochran said.

Her family hopes that Ireland's story will continue to make a positive impact.

"Sometimes it takes a bad thing to happen to make good things happen," said Michael Purvis, the young patient's grandfather. "Let's just be safe out there. These kids are so precious, and life can change in the blink of an eye."